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fffffffffffffff financial education

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Financial Education

This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production

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Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch! .

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financial education
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46 thoughts on “fffffffffffffff financial education”

  1. Thanks Jeremey, great vid. I feel your pain! Very Good Food earnings this Wednesday after market hours. I still think VRYYF > TCFF : Hope you do an earnings Vid 👍

  2. Ya Ya , u r sitting at vegas with big house fancy car & milions of bucks. So, when ppl with 1% of ur net worth or less sells the so called growth stock for not outperforming the analyst estimate & it gets crushed u start whining…& WTF happened to ur BYND MEAT will be the next TSLA clickbait video…?

  3. I hit 2m in Feb 2020, 3m in Dec 2020, 3.5m in Feb 2021 and now 2.9m in July 2021. It was def going hyperbolic for about 6 months so this correction needed to happen hopefully to avoid a crash although that may happen too. Good luck out there!

  4. Their food does not taste good I cannot see TTCF doing well. No broad mass appeal. Sorry to say it, but please try the food before you invest. Jeremy is just re-buying to lower his cost basis. That’s from stocks 101! I just cannot,see this company making billions based on the products they have now. This is 1 reason Kevin doesn’t own the stock. He’s not in love with the food.

  5. 7.8 million shares traded out of 41.1 million shares available for trading (Float).
    That's 19% of TTCF tradable shares that changed hands in ONE DAY!!

    * To be fair some shares may be traded more than once in the same session (by day traders and bots).

  6. I shorted it down today on price action, but going to use the profits to buy more.

    Wish was a super good short today too. I'll put profit from that into ttcf too.

  7. how about you spend your 10 million on tattooed chef food, give it to the homeless (your followers) and next time revenue will be up for a change.

  8. Is this some kind of sect? Ppl getting broke investing in a frozen food company with the s*ittiest management ever? I mean, they make frozen food! What are they doing so special? Why this crazy hype?! As I keep on repeating since the beginning of this nightmare, this is collective madness.

  9. Roku not much better, triple beat with amazing suprise, missed on expectations for total active users (even though they grew it by 1.5M quarter over quarter), stock has sold off 30%. Im down $50,000 on it now and have begun to really hate the stock market.

  10. jeremy your not a good trader. All you tell people is to hold. What about playing the swings? If you were a good trader you would know when to sell and buy. No I don’t want you number again.

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