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Financial Independence UK: My plan for early retirement at 35 financial independence

Hey! In this rather chatty video, I tell you about my plan for early retirement (I plan to essentially retire at 35… crazy I know!). I want to become financially independent and not have to rely on the 9-5 job – basically quitting the rat race! I do apologise for how long and unstructured this is but unlike my other videos I didn’t plan this one I just sort of sat down in front of the camera and acted like I was talking to a friend!

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Financial Independence UK: My plan for early retirement at 35

Financial Independence UK: My plan for early retirement at 35

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Financial Independence UK: My plan for early retirement at 35
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43 thoughts on “Financial Independence UK: My plan for early retirement at 35 financial independence”

  1. Hi Anna, I just saw your comment on our channel, and thought I'd stop by to comment and encourage you 😊. You're going to achieve your goals and you remind me of the way we looked at our lives a few years ago on our journey to Financial Independence. The life we live today is one I NEVER EVER imagined might have actually happened so quickly! Never ever thought I'd one day quit the City and commute life, etc. You're doing something VERY UNUSUAL and as such, I already know you'll do well. Stay bold, stay positive and stay dreaming 😊✊🏾

  2. You’ve gained a new subscriber 🙂 I like your calm chatty video on how it really is living in London & if we don’t look after your spending there, your money can quickly disappear!!

  3. Great video and love your plan. I am in a similar boat as you as I don't enjoy city life and hate the commute and rat race. If you don't mind me saying You can do fire faster if you do the following:
    1) don't keep too much cash. 2% to 5% net worth in cash for emergencies and rest invest in index funds.
    2) if you have the funds diversify with a buy to let .
    3) if you have a spare room rent it out.
    4) Monitor net worth on a monthly basis. And have a target of 30% annual increase.

  4. Awesome video. Ilove your plan. I am also Polish living in UK and also building up enough passive income to be able to move to sunnier country- potentially poland. At the minute im into Vanguard investment ISA as it is super passive. Property has its advantages though.
    According to intrest calculator – when you build up your capital up to £160.000 – with 7% intrest you would get 1k intrest per month.
    Living on 1k in Poland would be comfortable enough. If you wish i can talk to you on this strategy.
    It's tax free strategy

  5. Hi Anna, im 40 and recently debt free. i earn an average wage 28k and have inherited 100k. Looking for the best way to invest to get the same annually inm passive income and retire early. I dont want for a lavish life, just the simple things. What would you advise?

  6. I sold my car to start my property investments, turned up on a motorbike to a derelict house with no skill and very little working capital. 8% interest rate + 3% above base on a commercial loan. ( No such think as a buy to let mortgage ) On a plus side the first house was £15000 in 1993. 7 year loan paid back in 4. Then the domino effect. 2 properties pay the second, 2nd pays 3rd and so on.. If the markets high sell, if it’s stagnant rent out.

  7. sounds like great plan. I am from Portugal and live in the US. when I was in a phase of hating my career i decided to renovate a small farm I own back in Portugal – this way my "last resort" option. Once that little farm was completed – suddenly working felt completely different because I had another option that I loved available to me. It changed everything.

  8. Love this and wishing you all the best on your journey. Im very interested in doing something similar and am starting the journey of mortgage overpayments etc etc. I am pushing for future security and less pressure as my children grow up etc. Welldone I shall be following your journey. You have got this ..

  9. Hi, always good to hear from people on the path… I would've liked to hear more about the nuts and bolts – how much of your income are you able to save? How would that be affected by moving to Poland (or would the proportion stay the same)? Where are you on the journey – do you have investments and what kind of growth do you expect from them? How old are you – how long to get to FIRE at 35…? Good luck with your efforts wherever you end up!

  10. Impressive plan. Be with your family. Sadly the years pass quickly and we lose them too soon, so I applaud your farsightedness in devising this plan and a future for yourself that sounds fun, interesting and with enough challenge to keep you from ever getting bored. I don't recall you mentioning investing. Are you very risk-averse? That would potentially bring in a better return than savings. Have subscribed. Good luck and hard work will get you where you want to be, and you're already demonstrating you're willing to do the work. 🙂🙃🙂😉

  11. I love that video, thank you for sharing your thoughts I think nowadays not everyone is that open to share it. I'm not polish but I live there for 5 years and after living in different countries is the place where I would like to live. Looking forward to Warsaw. I'm not planning on retiring because of the reason of socialising with the people at work and force myself to keep busy but that's something totally personal. Good luck with your plan

  12. Wow Anna I would never have guessed your Polish. I cannot find any sign of an accent in your voice at all. As for the video ..Bardzo Dobrze 😁

  13. Hi

    I send people to your channel all the time. I tell people that anyone can retire in ten years (regardless of age,) and use you as an example of a young person. I’m an old example btw.

    Really excited for you. Good luck – although it’s not so much luck, but a good plan, and that you already have, so I’m pretty sure you’ll achieve it

  14. In London there r prostitute houses in soho that don't move. Prostitution is illegal in England. I'd say it beyond setting an example to the word these lot r pedigree. Shameful. Boycott uk today remember oxfam scandal? Double standards? 
    Boycott uk

  15. I get the gist of your plan, you have youth on your side but you jumped from saving a “bit” of money to building a house? Saving will earn you little to nothing, building a house is also a bad move…a house is NOT an asset unless it pays you an income, you’re basically living in a piggy bank. It worries me that the youth still follow such archaic financial advice. Also “side hustles” will get harder and harder to earn from as the competition is growing by the day.

    Learn what you need, what haven’t got and what you can do without.

    I’ve been financially free for 2 years. It’s not as hard as you think. A plan is great, but don’t confuse it with optimistic presumptions….as Mike Tyson said.

    “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”

  16. I like your drive! Good luck, I hope it goes well! I have a similar mentality and goal, yet I think you re basing your plan on too much hope.. rather than predictable, achievable facts

  17. I started watching your channel a few weeks ago and watched your latest videos to begin with, but I have recently started from the beginning of your YouTube journey. I bet when you recorded this you never thought you have a 10k month. That was an amazing video 😁👍 Really glad you got there 🤙

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