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Can YOU Fix Climate Change? planet c technology

Sources & further reading: This video was supported by Gates Notes, the personal blog of Bill Gates, where …

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Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

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Can YOU Fix Climate Change?
planet c technology
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44 thoughts on “Can YOU Fix Climate Change? planet c technology”

  1. This video was supported by Gates Notes:
    If you want to learn more about how we handle Sponsorships like this one, we also have a medium article describing how we do it:

    And here is the sources doc for the vid:

  2. The biggest problem with Climate Change is that there are no restrictions on how much each of us (and companies) can pollute. Anarky. Then, there will be severe consequences further down the road, as we've started to see.

    Why not set up some rules on how much each one of us can pollute? After all, the amount of CO2 the world can take on each year is finite, and we all overspend. Individually and collectively.

  3. I love this channel and respect what you did here, but I'm disappointed that THIS video in particular is sponsored by a hypocritical billionaire like Bill Gates.🙁

  4. We should have stayed in Africa as hunters and gatherers some more 100000nds of years. But the Annunaki arrived and by circumstances they placed a modified copy to Eden to maintain their starbase on Earth. Since everything runs a bit wrong with us humans.

  5. Only the naive and uneducated make claims that we can be emissions free anytime in the next few hundred years.

    Many of you are just so scared that you're desperate and your ideas are terrible because of it.

    We don't have the means to stop this issue, weather you believe it or not.

    The only actions available to us now that would have an effect on this would result in the deaths of hundreds of millions.

    Green energy is not, nor will it be anywhere near as advanced in the next 50 years as some of you think it is today.

    Many of you think we're just choosing not to be green.

    Nope, if we could we would because if we could it'd be cheaper and more effective. But we can't.

    Many of you have no idea you're essentially advocating that hundreds of millions of people die to save the planet.

    The only solutions that would actually have a immediate effect that would be seen in the next few generations, are actions that would cause millions to suffer and die as a by product of not being able able get what they need when we need it.

  6. People know they're in the wrong, but simply aren't strong enough to change their habits.
    We need a lot of rolemodels that actually care about consequences

  7. We're so fucked
    And that's not even being pessimistic or doomer mentality, it's just a fact now.
    Carbon catcher are great but it litteraly doesn't do anything compared the world c02 emissions, and not enough countries will be able to implement them
    Meat will never be stopped
    Cars will never be stopped
    Roads or houses will never be stopped.
    We are fucked. Enjoy your life to the fullest responsibly

  8. What do you mean "a lack of consensus" on how to tackle the problem ? Degrowth is,wether you like it or not; it's inevitable in the long term. What do you think, that sucking emitted CO2 or buying electric cars doesn't emit even more CO2 ? Come on…
    I don't believe how occidental and growth obsessed you guys are. And I'm scared knowing you have almost 20million people behind you.
    You're educating people. For the future. And you tell them that we're gonna terraform Venus, that profit margin and ecological collapse can coexist, and that it's not realistic to change our way of life, that itself has only existed for less than 20 years.

  9. Just caring about something is such a bullshit and superficial way to look at this. We have ALWAYS been a reactive species. What are YOU doing to show you care? Are you switching to only renewable resources as a means of power? Not using any fossil fuels? Don't you think saving the planet is more important than your own well being? The scary truth is no one is doing anything, even the people who are pretending they give a shit.

  10. The ones that are the most concerned about climate change (the truly rich) will not do a thing except for manipulating the government to "enslave" people. Ecologism is a tool for them to make poor even poorer. Look at covid vacines, they don't give a fuck about you, they could have released patents to provide them cheaper but all they care about is profit from the virus that they most likely created themselves. Lies and deception everywhere.

  11. Funny thing is…
    Western countries(USA, England, France etc) always talk about "environment" but they never do the "recycling".
    They just throw whatever they feel like it. it's a mess. Look at Korea/Japan They are really strict about recycling

  12. "This video sponsored by Bill gates"

    Of course. Why else would the video spend approximately 1 second considering if climate change is the fault of capitalism, not spend even 1 second discussing the indigenous protection of water and land, conflate China with the rest of the third world with the 63% number, and the claim solution is "just vote and you'll be fine"

  13. Individual people will never amount to enough change at this point.

    All this blame falls on the corporations producing endless amounts of plastics and waste, dumping them in the oceans, lobbying against clean energy deals, etc. etc.

    The people can’t do anything.

    The corpos can.

  14. Looking at society at large and after watching this video, I feel that the future predicted by some media will become true. Wall-E, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan will be true. 🙁

  15. YES PLEASE PEOPLE, VOTE! US citizens – we have more than just the 4 year presidential cycle to vote on, get involved in your local and state government, do NOT make choices based onyour party but on your core beliefs PLEASE.

  16. And again a nice idea, but I predict not much of a change till the climate change and the reduced industrial growth comming with it forces companies to lower employee rights and payment (and influrencing the goverment to do so) so far, till the entire system collapse
    warmer winters, floods and hurricanes are not that much of a threat till it is to late, but shortly afer again forgotten till the next year
    But if people (in a big enough number) can no longer affort their food, things are going to change really quickly
    of cause they will not stop the climate change, instead figure out how to live with it in some dark century

  17. Climate is a very complicated system . Predicting the future by theoretical models ???
    The only model that predicted the change the last 500 million years are the laws of Milankovitsch.
    Climate will change independent of human behavior or CO 2. The global warming started 18,000 years ago .
    A very uneasy truth for the pact of Paris 2015 UN , in which the cause of climate change is the CO 2 emissions of the "Europeans" .
    The UN =international socialism thinks in terms of climate racisme ,blaming the whites .
    Goal global equality . Will result in totalitarianism and lesser wealthy but more poor people .
    Remember national socialism WW 2 blaming the Jews ?
    Politics based on revengeful racial hatred .

    The exploding world populations ( Africa and Asia) ,and faling UN states not providing for many basic needs or human rights because they can't or don't want to , is the elephant in the room , UN blind spot ?
    Anyway ,lesser CO 2 concentrations will probely change life as we know it , based on fotosynthese=plant grow.

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