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EASY Guide to Financial Freedom – 3 Steps financial advisor

Follow these three simple steps to create the passive income needed to support your financial independence. It is not easy but is doing if you apply yourself! DOWNLOAD NOTES:

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Ken is the author of the bestselling books The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, The ABC’s of Property Management, and has an upcoming book: “ABCs of Buying Rental Property: How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom in Five Years.” Ken is a Rich Dad Advisor.

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With over two decades of experience in real estate investing, Ken McElroy is passionate about sharing the good life by helping real estate investors grow and prosper. This channel is a place for Ken to discuss numerous topics connected to real estate investing, including finance, budgeting, the entrepreneur mindset, and creating passive income.

Ken offers a wealth of personal experiences, practical advice, success stories, and even some informative setbacks, all presented here to educate and inspire. Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, the information and resources on this channel will set you on a path where you and your investments can thrive.

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EASY Guide to Financial Freedom - 3 Steps

EASY Guide to Financial Freedom – 3 Steps

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EASY Guide to Financial Freedom – 3 Steps
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35 thoughts on “EASY Guide to Financial Freedom – 3 Steps financial advisor”

  1. From my own point of view, you need to invest smartly, if you need the good things of life. so far i've made over $705k in raw profits from just q4 of 2020 from
    my diversified portfolio strategy and i believe anyone can do it you have the right strategy. mutual funds takes long time but investing smartly is the key for short term Most of us tend to pay more attention to the shiniest position in the market to the cost of proper diversification.

  2. Well that’s exactly the issue here, which I think most of your viewers are going to be these people: Hey, I have no money and no credibility.

    The truth is you have to work your way up to the point where you can ask investors for their money. No investor is going to invest where there is no credibility.

    I had to buy my first fire damage house for $1500, clean it up, and resell for profit. I rinsed and repeated that process until I had enough credibility and skin in the game in order for investors to trust me with their finances.

    So that’s really the problem. Once you’re there, then you can watch this Video. But let’s face it, once you’re there, you’re already passed what this video offers. So the soldiers hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Have a good day.

  3. Great Vid! Just a quick question.. the “you give me the equity” part if that’s the equity for a down payment on a mortgage, who’s the mortgage going under? If I get under personal won’t I kind of be maxed out for the second deal for example? I’d love to find that out. Thanks!

  4. Avage income in North Carolina 25,576 per person average home 300k average rental 3 br 1800-2 k if you put down 20% 1668.33 per mo hopefully it doesn't need work not counting landscaping. To much risk would have worked 5 years ago but not now .keep in mind ken started in 1994 ish you have to have your own money in this environment to make a cash flow .I know the investor wants at least 10% and 1st position. Be careful. Better off flipping cars to get cash first .to meny people chasing the same narrative.

  5. 6 different location houses create difficult in Managing.
    Managing is Most important than just purchase as you said in Conversation with Robert kiyosaki Sir.
    So, we have to move Multi family Rental property easy to manage.
    Right Sir.?
    I read your book on ABC of rental property investing.
    And waiting for your next book on investing in Apartment.
    Thanks Sir.

  6. Well sir. Unfortunately, until I get my first deal completed it is all the hardest part. Nothing worth anything comes easy. Learning your process, thanks for sharing your knowledge Ken.

  7. I was gettin closer this year than I got shaboinked do to office politics luckily my savings is still intact I just gotta take it as a lesson and move forward from my 84000 dollar lesson 😕 ill get there again and surpass it.

  8. Ken what is the percentage of reserve requirement on deposits for banks? I disagree that when one gets a loan from the bank that he is borrowing other depositors' money. Have you investigated GAAP? Read this document: The Bankers' secret manual. There is no money, only liens: writ of attachments to real property.

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