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Home » Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary] technology documentary 2021

Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary] technology documentary 2021

ElizabethHolmes #Theranos #ValleyofHype TimeCode for viewing 0:00:00: Preshow 0:30:22 Documentary starts Don’t Miss: August 30. 2021 pre-show starting …

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Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary]

Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary]

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Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary] technology documentary 2021
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28 thoughts on “Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary] technology documentary 2021”

  1. Reading people in the chat replay try to defend this broad while listening to this seriously makes my stomach turn. Her family members did the same thing at the trial today, trying to act like they were just random people talking to the press on the street and claiming she was a “victim” in this. But just read how she behaved to the widow after she drove her employee to commit suicide with her manipulation, bullying and gaslighting technique.

    Chick has zero empathy. Straight up monster

  2. Kudos on your first doc, YF. Enjoyed it. Such a bizarre woman, and I wonder how people didn't see through her strange façade. It seems obvious in retrospect that her personality was as fraudulent as her product.

  3. Why aren't the board members being individually held accountable? When I served on one for a charity, the paperwork clearly indicated that the board members were legally responsible for the decisions they made.

  4. The concept of Holmes being a self-made anything to me is nonsensical. Her parents had ties to the tech industry and US Govt, so she grew up learning how to be comfortable in those arenas. She had a level of inherited social capital that is extremely relevant in terms of how she got where she did.

  5. But where did all that invested money go? To technology development or her own pocket? Big red flag…none of her big investors were scientists, medical experts, or biochemists.

  6. No F'#@@##!! ing way is this woman innocent. If she or her so called investor 'boyfriend /Vice President' get off… The law is F%&%$##!! up!! They are both culpable and should serve hard time for the money they took from innocent people who were deliberately kept in the dark!! Do the right thing. This should never happen again!!!

  7. You can tell when Elizabeth is Lying….Her voice gets deep and her eyes start bugging out of her head.
    She was born for this, (Scamming) … just like her father (ex vice president of ENRON)

  8. What she is talking about – the broader understanding!? Whereas employees if the associate level tried to address the issues to COO. And what some of them did – they quit and reported to the authorities. Is this lady trying to say that Elizabeth did know nothing!?

  9. Oh Elizabeth, you paid to have this video made, with money ripped from your investors, in order to sway a favorable ruling at your trial. Bet you got pregnant with that in mind too. Elizabeth, you are a shameless charlatan and I hope the judge sees through your ruse. My God, where did you get these commentators? A crime isn't a crime, if you didn't really mean it, right? We can see the criminal hiding behind your femininity.

  10. Here are words of wisdom and advice to each and every one in general and who believed the Theranos' lies-hype of 'let's just fake it till we make it", in particular.

    "Kalamas, don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, “This contemplative is our teacher."…When you know for yourselves that, “These qualities are unskillful; these qualities . . . lead to harm and to suffering”—then you should abandon them. . . . When you know for yourselves that, “These qualities are skillful” . . . then you should enter and remain in them." -Lord Buddha

  11. I couldn't care less about those rich investors being fooled. What upsets me is the possibility of patients dying because of this fraud. Were these machines on helicopters evacuating soldiers from an actual field of combat? Must buy Bad Blood book.

  12. This is good old fashioned fraud orchestrated by a sociopath. Look up sociopathy in any psychiatry text book, DSM or ICD classification of personality disorders . Humans with disorders of personality often have mental capacity to know right from wrong. These individuals lack empathy to others (genuine empathy not faked) and have a high believe in self importance and entitlement. Does this woman have these behaviors? There is a lot of evidence in her interviews to evidence this. A good psychologist would have a field day analyzing her personality.

  13. One sad aspect of this is that there is probably someone out there who has the training, know how and brains to develop a device which could actually make blood testing on a consumer level a reality. Due to the scam that Holmes committed and also her holding stupid as hell patents which can block others from developing these devices — it will be very hard if not almost impossible for a truly skilled person to develop such a device. I hope Holmes gets the book thrown at her in terms of sentencing. And as well, I hope that those patents she is holding are revoked.

  14. Did Holmes seriously get pregnant knowing she is undergoing a trial that could put her away; or, is it another tactic to lose the makeup and get sympathy she's pregnant and a woman.

  15. I think the technology she was trying to sell is possible. I think business and the law had nothing to do with her personal relationships with her lover that's them not you and none of their or anybody's business. And I think the billion dollars that she raised if she had reinvested it in a hundred million of Facebook stock a couple of hundred million over at Uber and spread the wealth out she'd still be around they would have just wiped it off. Depending on who you are and how you act when you get up there says it all Donald Trump has told more lies and he's never going to go to prison. Sure it was dangerous to some of the patients but like Donald Trump said take some hydroxyquiloquine shoot some bleach into your vein and shove a fluorescent light up your ass. She pissed somebody up there off or her lover did one of the two and that's what happened.

  16. everyone is celebrating her downfall now that she has become an easy target. the shtf and there is nowhere to hide any more. her defense attorneys have their work cut out for them.

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