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How to build an artificial tree | FT Energy Source financial times

Can you build the equivalent of 37,000 trees into a suitcase? Twelve, a tiny start-up founded by three Stanford graduates believes its lab holds the secret to reducing climate change. Their technology turns unwanted CO2 into useful products such as car parts, trainers, and alcohol

Produced and edited by Tom Hannen. Camera operator Matthew Caton. Graphic illustration by Ian Bott

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How to build an artificial tree | FT Energy Source

How to build an artificial tree | FT Energy Source

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How to build an artificial tree | FT Energy Source
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18 thoughts on “How to build an artificial tree | FT Energy Source financial times”

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  2. I know there's a natural desire to believe you can make money from captured CO2, but I'm not hearing anything in this video about how much CO2 can be used in making new products. I think it must be orders of magnitude less than all excess carbon in the air, which is somewhere in excess of a trillion tonnes (multiple trillions for the mass of CO2). I don't think all the World's artifacts, even if they were ALL made out of wood or plastic, would come close to that. We need to face the fact that carbon capture and sequestration is just not going to be a money-making proposition. Fortunately, the costs can be reduced enough to eventually be bearable. But disposal will be a bigger cost than capture.

  3. Florida firm Carbotura plans on growing hemp in warehouse size hydroponic vertical farms starting this year with one farm in Southwest Florida and converting the plants into biochar, graphene and artificial diamonds using microwave and pulsed plasmas, for details watch 15 mins video Just Have A Think episode Hemp conversion to graphene and diamonds. Smart carbon capture ? on youtube June 20 2021.

  4. What this drives home to me is just how complex, difficult and resources intensive it is to replace something that self assemble itself from a tiny seed. No matter how smart we think we are, nature still has us beat mandatory down. Still, better we make our consumer tat out of atmosphere CO2 than fossil carbon

  5. Oil and gas level of investment in Green Energy is pretty low. Shell for example plan to invest $6billion by 2030 (circa 660million a year to 2030).

    In the past four years the same company spent more than $120bn developing fossil fuel projects ($30bn a year) and Shell set out plans to increase its total spending in this field (fossil fuels) to $30bn a year from early 2020s onwards ($300 billion between 2020 to 2030).

    To put this further into context, Shells revenue for 2019 (just one year) was $344.9 billion.

  6. Wow, imagine where this could go. The future will truly have arrived when we can manufacture anything out of 'thin air' and sunlight. The next crisis would be too little carbon in the atmosphere!

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