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How To Stretch Lead Came? New Update

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How To Stretch Lead Came
How To Stretch Lead Came

Do you need to stretch lead came?

Yes. Always stretch your lead came, whether it’s in strips or on a roll. This will keep your lead from stretching and sagging after you’ve assembled it into a project. Stretching will also give you nice, straight pieces of lead to work with as you build your project.

How do you use a lead came vise stretcher?

To stretch lead came, insert the came into the opening of the vise, opposite the clamp. Once inserted, press down on the clamp and tap it using a rubber mallet or medium hammer to secure came between the jaws of the vise. With pliers, grasp the other end and pull. Pull the came until it no longer stretches.

How to Stretch Lead Came | Delphi Glass

How to Stretch Lead Came | Delphi Glass
How to Stretch Lead Came | Delphi Glass

Images related to the topicHow to Stretch Lead Came | Delphi Glass

How To Stretch Lead Came | Delphi Glass
How To Stretch Lead Came | Delphi Glass

How do you cut lead come?

Straight Cuts
  1. The lead knife cuts through the top of the lead came to make this type of cut.
  2. Start by simultaneously rocking the knife back and forth while you press downwards.
  3. Once you cut through the top flange you can increase the pressure.
  4. Push down through the bottom flange to cut right through the lead came.
Jul 24, 2021

Can you use old lead came?

You can take it to a local recycling center that specializes in handling hazardous waste. Depending on the state, you may find centers that accept lead. If not though, you can send it back to a lead came manufacturer so they can recycle it back into new lead came.

What size lead came should I use?

You can choose your lead’s width (across the top/bottom) according to your design and the situation. We recommend a 12mm H section for edging windows which will go into frames (you can trim the edges if needed) and C or H sections for hangings and lightcatchers where the edges are on show.

How do I know what size lead came to use?

He suggests the following: Use pipes 3″ or 4″ longer than the lead came. Choose the diameter to reflect the amount of lead came you have.

How do you stain glass with copper foil?

I like to use Venture Tape, like this one below (Amazon Affiliate Link) or Edco.
  1. 1 Wrapping The Glass. Clean each piece with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any grease that will stop the foil sticking. …
  2. 2 Folding The Foil Over By Hand. …
  3. 3 Burnishing The Stained Glass Copper Foil.
Dec 10, 2020

How do you attach lead to glass?

Place the strips on the pattern, butting the joint in the corner. Use a couple of horseshoe nails to hold the lead in place. Locate the piece of cut glass for the lower left corner and fit it into the lead came snugly.

What is the best tool to cut lead?

LEAD KNIVES are the traditional method for cutting lead. Knives work better than nippers on wide lead. With weighted end for driving horseshoe nails. Hint: keep knife sharp using a sharpening stone, and then rub on block of paraffin to help the knife slip through the came.

Can we cut lead with knife?

Making straight cuts and short angled cuts

You can use the lead knife to mark where you will make the cut. Came can be cut with or without the glass panels in place. Sometimes, you will need to measure a piece of came against the glass or pattern, then make the cut on a suitable surface.

How to stretch/pull/harden hobby came

How to stretch/pull/harden hobby came
How to stretch/pull/harden hobby came

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How To Stretch/Pull/Harden Hobby Came
How To Stretch/Pull/Harden Hobby Came

What is lead came made of?

Lead Came – Cascade Metals. Cascade Lead’s came is made from a very closely controlled alloy that combines a fine grain structure with high strength. They start with 100% pure lead to which they add exacting quantities of tin, antimony, copper, and bismuth.

How do you clean an oxidized lead?

Simply use a wire brush and brush each joint where the flux is. It may scratch the lead a bit, but don’t worry too much about that, as the polishing will hide that later. It’s more important to have clean lead came without any oxidisation for soldering on to.

How do you clean old leaded glass windows?

What’s the Best Way to Clean Stained or Leaded Glass? The key to cleaning stained glass windows correctly is gentleness. Use a gentle touch and gentle cleaners. We recommend mixing together some warm water and mild soap (with a neutral-pH), then using a soft cloth, like a microfiber towel, to apply the mixture.

What is the difference between lead and hobby came?

For us​e in a panel, ​the channel is in the shape of an “H”. For the outside edges a simple “U” shape is commonly used. A really lightweight lead came used for edging very small pieces is referred to as “hobby came.”

What size hobby came for stained glass?

5/64″ Round U, or hobby came as it’s often called, has an extremely narrow face, allowing hobbyist to put a lead finish around small glass projects like suncatchers and stained glass night lights.

How wide is lead came?

7/32″ face and 5/32″ wide channel for glass. Sold in individual 6 ft. strips.

Can you get lead poisoning from making stained glass?

The dangers of lead in stained glass

Working with stained glass and lead lighting often involves contact with lead fumes and dust. Any amount of lead fumes or dust is hazardous to your health, and so you should avoid exposure as much as possible. Lead fumes occur when the solder is melted.

How do you solder lead?

Brush flux on to a lead joint.
  1. Brush flux on to a lead joint.
  2. If you’re right handed, place the end of the stick of solder right over the join with your left hand. Don’t hold it too close to the end. …
  3. Bring the hot tip of the soldering iron to the solder over the join. A drop will melt off onto the joint.
Jun 21, 2019

What is the difference between lead and foil stained glass?

Although copper foil is structurally stronger, lead came is used for external windows as it’s made waterproof by the cementing process. I would make larger windows with lead as they’re quicker to make. It’s estimated that it takes about one third less time than foil.

Stretching lead came

Stretching lead came
Stretching lead came

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Stretching Lead Came
Stretching Lead Came

What is the copper foil method?

Applying Copper Foil: Copper foiling is the process by which the fine edge of piece of glass is wrapped with a continuous strip of copper foil. Because solder will not stick to glass, foiling each piece establishes a surface on which the solder will adhere.

What is Tinning in stained glass?

The “stained glass” technique adds a silver rim to the edge of your glass, and is often referred to as tinning. Tinning is the process of applying copper foil to the edge of a piece of glass then applying lead-free solder to the copper.

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