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Is An Economics Degree Worth It? financial economics

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Today’s video is going to be about economics degrees and whether it’s worth it or not

This is technically not a business degree but graduates may end up competing for the same job, so I sort of group them together



There are a lot of college degrees out there and economics is one of those degrees where it’s not 100% obvious that it’s a good one

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So we will go over some of the careers that you can get, the salary, the job satisfaction, the job outlook, and also the x factors that go into choosing these types of jobs

These videos are for educational and entertainment purposes only. I am not an attorney, CPA, insurance, or financial advisor and the information presented shall not be construed as tax, legal, insurance, safety or financial advice. If stocks or companies are mentioned, Shane might have an ownership interest in them. Please don’t make buying or selling decisions based on Shane’s videos. If you need such advice, please contact the qualified legal or financial professionals, not the opinion of a stranger on the internet.

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Is An Economics Degree Worth It?

Is An Economics Degree Worth It?

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Is An Economics Degree Worth It?
financial economics
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48 thoughts on “Is An Economics Degree Worth It? financial economics”

  1. I saw that a lot of busines universities give applied economics programs. It seems to be a bit uncommon since it's not the typical "social science" economics degree, but it looks more adapted for a non academic career.

  2. One thing that is neglected in these videos when talking about what jobs you can get is experience needed.

    The management analyst and financial manager jobs require 5 years of experience so those jobs are not available for a graduate.

  3. Getting my degree in December! So far I’ve been volunteering at nonprofits for experience because I couldn’t find the type of internship I want in my area. But now I’m planning on teaching English abroad for a year or two to travel a bit before committing to a company

  4. I was a pure science stream student in secondary school and got flying colours result for my national examination. Now, I’m going to do IB Economics HL and Maths AA HL. I’m just more interested in Economics and how the world works 🤩

  5. If I could go back in time I would tell my younger self, don’t major in economics. Go to different school and major in business and accounting. Minor in Econ if you have to scratch that theoretical itch. Unless you are a math/Econ major, you will have trouble finding a job.

  6. The university I applied in for CS didn't give me a choice and put me in Economics & Math 🙂

    Does anyone have any tips? I've decided to take the admission since there is a chance I'll be able to shift into cs once the session starts since some cs students leave this uni for another one. And this is the best business and cs uni the city I live in (and this city practically runs the entire country), so the networking aspect of it is pretty solid (all the alumni I've talk to have agreed with this statement).

    I'd be grateful if someone shares their thoughts and perhaps gives some advice. Thanks in advance!

  7. There's a saying in every Economics department in the world. And that is that "business majors are too stupid for economics". Though, business majors are more likely to be employed right after grad so pick your poison.

  8. 56K a year starting out & after 10 years 107k.. I live in Brooklyn NYC.. I made 120k last year, my gf made 65k .. 185k combined.. still living pay check to pay check LOL 56k a year sounds like a job requiring food stamps to me =(

  9. Basically…. Don't go for the Bachelor's of arts in Economics programs at your school instead opt for the business administration degree as it brings less theoretical application and requires real world calculations and covers economic trends at a less broad level and more towards financial institutions and businesses in relation to the U.S economy, allowing you to actually apply the math you will be learning from business calc and accounting. Yes, some BA programs require extra math course but that's just because you need the credit hours to even out with the degree requirements and you won't actually use it in that case. A B.S in Economics does differ from a bachelors of business administration, but is still very similar to a BA as there are only changes in math courses needed but it is pretty much all theoretical.

  10. Would you recommend getting a B.A. Economics degree, or a B.S. Applied Economics degree? I am planning on probably going into a financial analyst role when I graduate. Would a minor in finance be good for that as well, or should I minor in mathematics or computer science?

  11. Quantitative Economics is a STEM degree—it’s basically a math degree. I don’t see much value in getting any other type of Econ degree, if you want to apply your degree to the professional world. If this is the path you are heading down, you should just get an MS. If you want to lead research or be taken seriously, you better get a PhD. I have an MS in Econ, and I would not recommend it for most people. If I could go back, I might encourage myself to pursue a more practical discipline. If you are honestly interested in economics, you can get a better education by hitting the library in your free time and thinking about it for yourself, while pursuing an engineering degree.

  12. I going to UCI as an undergraduate. I chose Economics as my major. Should I go for that college or go to CC (community college) and then transfer to UC Berkeley that has a great Economics’ program. What you recommend?

  13. As an Econ major, my best advice is to supplement your econ degree with a double major or minor in something like math, computer science or accounting. Very few econ classes actually teach you actual skills that employers find valuable.

  14. Great vid! I agree with everything you said except for the meaning part. I believe meaning is very personal and can be looked after in every degree, depending on your own "demands". The relative broadness of an economics degree, that gives you quantitive and qualitive skills, can and will give you the tools to adjust and look for the job that fulfills you the most. For instance, if you really care about the environment you can definitely focus on your quantitive skills and work for or create a green only hedge fund.

  15. Anybody studied 4 years of economics in high school (IGCSE and A level) and then did bachelor in university in economics? I'm wondering if I'd have easier time in uni since I already did 4 years in highschool.

  16. I have a BS in Economics, one of my friends has an MA in economics. Where both unemployed bc of covid. Any tips on where too apply in the next few months? Where both from the Bay Area if that helps.

  17. Hi Shane. Interesting content, I wanted to ask you to make a video on how to go about selecting minor courses with an economics or political science degree to aid/boost our profile as you recommend in this video.

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