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Lies Your Financial Advisors Tells You | Phil Town financial advice

A big misconception people have about investing is that they think they have to work with a financial advisor to be successful. But oftentimes, they don’t have …

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Lies Your Financial Advisors Tells You | Phil Town

Lies Your Financial Advisors Tells You | Phil Town

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Lies Your Financial Advisors Tells You | Phil Town
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45 thoughts on “Lies Your Financial Advisors Tells You | Phil Town financial advice”

  1. I think your suggestion is right, but my financial advisor also suggest they have information, like “insider information”, they have big machines, AI technology, analytical tools that individual investors like me probably don’t. Don’t you think that’s also worth considering about?

  2. You are our financial advisor, even though you cannot say, we consider you one indirectly. You, Buffet, Peter Lynch, Sven Carlin, Howard Marks, Charlie Munger and many other reputable names on you tube.

  3. I had inherited my mother's stock portfolio. Right away I noticed there was way too many stocks the broker would only by 52 a hundred shares. It seemed very self-serving. I cashed in the portfolio when the pandemic hit and everything was shot down I invested the money right back in the market. I like your strategy investing in a down Market. Your information is very helpful

  4. I have worked with a finacial advisor and last rport to me was he did 12% on my money I had with him . I have done some of my own trading folowing Phils rules . I have made beginner mistakes . But still I have been able to grow an investment by 30-35% as of this writing . I have also done option trading using phils strategies and I have done about 40% in 2020 . I have been trading now only around 2.5 years . Have gone and take phils courses and that is all the training I have done . Yes you to can do this . It isnt rocket science . Listen to phil and do what he says and you too can have some realy great returns

  5. Thanks for this video, it’s very detailed 💥 Having got involved in the stock market and made much profits, I still greatly believe in it mostly as the market is very bullish this December. I strongly advice us to get involved in DAY TRADING properly guided by a pro trader with a working strategy/daily signals. For me it's been very successful because i was being guided by a pro trader called Hayford Kurt whose strategy/daily signals has proven to be so accurate and well analysed. Trading and growing my portfolio from 0.9btc to 5.8btc within 6 weeks is so awesome and credible. Hayford can be reach via Whatsapp_: (+447862067036) and _Telegram @ hayford_ksignals for inquiries into profitable trading systems 💯

  6. It's takes a lot to become a profitable trader but another alternative is to see the assistance and guidance of an expert to avoid loose of funds, then you will see how happy you will be.

  7. Phil: Financial advisors are scammers.
    Scammers in the comment section: you should let this guy manage your money, here's their whatsapp number.

  8. Yes, when I was 20 (which was 38 years ago) I had worked my a** off and had saved $10k. There was a locally well known broker who worked for EF Hutton ( young folks will need to Google that). I thought since he worked in this beautiful building, wore nice suits and talked the part that I’d finally saved enough money to be “worthy” of approaching him and got up the courage to ask him if he’d “be willing “ to take me on as a client? Of course he was and within a year he’d turned my $10k into about $5k! Every time I tried to contact him to ask why my account was dropping so rapidly, he of course was not available and never returned my calls (no cell phones or internet back then). So he continued dodging me and ultimately I became so frustrated that I withdrew my remaining funds. In retrospect, it may have been the best thing that happened to me. That “tuition” to the school of hard knocks sent me on a life long journey that I walk to this day. After that experience, I promised myself that I’d educate myself on investing and all things related to it. From that time, I’ve been a voracious sponge on all things investing related and have taken the nuggets of wisdom that make sense and discarded those that don’t. Fortunately, I learned of Warren Buffet a long time ago and became BKB shareholder long ago. One of the reasons I’m such a fan of you Phil, is your philosophical connection to Mr Buffet, Munger, et al. To those who have read this far, the best advice I can give is what Phil teaches too, invest in your knowledge and be patient! I have yet to meet a patient investor who is sorry they were patient. The “race” is long and part of the fun IS the journey and in building your knowledge base as building your confidence and seeing that translate to larger retirement balances over time. Thank you for your podcasts Phil!

  9. The best investing strategy is to engage in an investment which gives you time to go about your other plans, of which we can term that an advanced investment. I am currently involved in one where I earn 4 figures every 7 days.

  10. My last FA to took 2% of my AUM in addition to choosing higher expense funds and significantly underperformed the broader market in many years. I fired him, go self direct and didn't look back.

  11. That was a very good and true advice for the average person who can do his own dd
    My rule is to diversify only in three stocks for now, while keeping an eye on their news and the globally as well.

  12. Sorry, but video about nothing. I can find this information In any article about investing (not even a book) in very first page. Especially points 2 and 3 have no sense. Ofcourse nobody can guarantee you beating a market (except of swindlers ofcourse), but you also can't guarantee it for yourself, for sure professionals have slightly bigger chances to do that, then yourself being just common person. JUST slightly bigger

  13. This is all true! I’m a new investor and bought in March when the market crashed when there were tons of discounted stock prices. One of my stocks made a 120% return in just 7 months! Yes, this actually happened and was a WAY bigger return than the market overall would have given. My only regret is not having had more cash on hand to invest. (I’m still working on that as we speak!) I learned all of this from Phil’s videos and books. It can be done! 😀😀

  14. I work in the financial advisory industry. While I totally get where Phil is coming from, I feel like your idea of a financial advisor is misconstrued. A survey by vanguard shows that only 20% of financial advisory clients look for advisors for investment/outperformance advice. 80% look for lifestyle advice and the ongoing service an advisor can provide. Ie. Setting up an SMSF, a debt recycling strategy, choosing the right super, budgeting, projections, social security, debt advice, aged care etc. Also, not everyone has the time/financial literacy to beat the market or even wants to take the risk in beating the market (for example a 50 year old teacher), rather than putting funds in a FD, an advisor can point them to a well diversified portfolio with consistent returns. To your point about diversification, a vanguard index fund which is strategically asset allocated, is the top 5 performing fund (even compared to managed funds) with only a MER of 0.05%. This means your statement that you need to be rich to have a diversified asset allocation is incorrect. Also, the financial advisor has no commisions to put that client in the fund. I love your videos Phil and have been a subscriber for a long time but this is just my two cents.

  15. @phil I am your virtual student and made 135% in this bumpy year using Rule#1 and few other common sense rules….thanks a lot for changing my life

  16. I started dollar cost average when I joined the Army in 1983. I increased the amount and bought more stocks as I advanced through the ranks. I NEVER used a financial advisor. I did my own research and became a multimillionaire.

  17. I have to admit this is one of my favorite channels to watch 👍 while curled up on my super cozy lazy chair with my cat on top of me giving me kisses all over my face! 🤑💥😄

  18. Not all financial advisors are devils and some investors do need their help. Phil is describing non- fiduciary/ commission based financial advisors. Those are the ones that may say and do some of the things he is describing (not saying they do as a common practice, but they could). Fiduciary/ fee based financial advisors are not even allowed to do or say these things. Fiduciaries cannot promise you anything. Nor can they advise you in any way that is not suitable for you (for some people, asset allocation is most suitable). I respect Phil and his years of experience, that’s why I watch, I don’t respect this attack on financial advisors.

  19. Dear Phil, I have been watching your videos, and also investing on my own after dumping my financial advisor, for about 1.5 year now and Im finally just starting to comprehend what you are talking about. So many times in the past did I think you might be incorrect in your message (mainly because I had in kind the trend of these days that super diversification and ETFs rules)… but really I see you have been right from the beginning. Thanks a lot for your videos and contribution to the world of investing on YouTube. You and very, very few others actually give real value to us newbie investors out there. God bless.

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