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Shows Like Alex Rider? New

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Shows Like Alex Rider
Shows Like Alex Rider

What should I read if I like Alex Rider?

Alex Rider Read-alikes
  • Acceleration. By Graham McNamee. …
  • Airman. By Eoin Colfer. …
  • Bunker 10. By J.A. Henderson. …
  • The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. By James Patterson. …
  • Evil Genius. By Catherine Jinks. …
  • Fever Crumb. By Philip Reeve. …
  • First Shot. By Walter Sorrells. …
  • Found. By Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Is Alex Rider a good series?

Alex Rider is a thoroughly enjoyable substitute for spy fans, and, best of all, a worthy update of the popular book series, too. With its chase scenes and interrogations, it’s a junior version of the Bourne franchise, but one that can also keep adults entertained.

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Shows Like Alex Rider
10 Amazing Tv Shows You Wish You Knew Earlier!

Is there an Alex Rider TV show?

Alex Rider (stylized as △LEX RIDER) is a British spy thriller television programme based on the novel series of the same name by Anthony Horowitz.

Is Alex Rider TV series OK for kids?

In the United States, the Alex Rider age rating is set as TV-14. This means it is suitable for those age 14+, which is about the same as most broadcast TV shows.

Does Alex Rider get a girlfriend?

Sabina Pleasure is a character in the Anthony Horowitz series Alex Rider. She is Alex Rider’s close friend and joins him on several missions. She is described as having dark hair, bright blue eyes and freckles.
Sabina Pleasure
Occupation Ballgirl at Wimbledon (formerly) and American high school student (currently)

Is Alex Rider for adults?

Perhaps. And yes. Sony though, has a plan to deal with that – it’s fast-forwarded Alex a couple of years and banished the gadget silliness, pitching the new show as suitable for all ages, children and adults alike.

What age is Otto Farrant?

Is Damian Cray real?

Cray was born in North London on October 5, 1950, baptized Harold Eric Lunt. Having a remarkable singing voice, Cray wished to be a pop star, though his parents forced him to go to the Royal Academy of Music in London despite his unhappy protests.

Will there be a season 3 of Alex Rider?

Alex Rider Season 3 will premiere in Fall 2022 on IMDb, the show has been renewed according to the show’s official website.

Is Yassen Alex Rider’s father?

He was with John Rider, Alex’s father, (unbeknown to Yassen, as part of John’s MI6 cover in SCORPIA) when him and John killed a drug dealer in the Amazon. Then Yassen became even more powerful.

Who is K7 in Alex Rider?

Eventually, he hooks up with the real K7, who’s Kyra from the first season. Alex is happy to see a familiar face, while at the same time Cray shows his face to someone who recognizes it — Yassen Gregorovich. You can stream Alex Rider season 2, episode 4, “Serpent”, exclusively on IMDb TV.

Is there going to be a 14th Alex Rider book?

In January 2022, Horowitz indicated that he hopes to start writing a fourteenth novel sometime later in the year. The first novel, Stormbreaker, was released in the United Kingdom in the year 2000 and was adapted into a film in 2006, starring Alex Pettyfer.

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How old is Alex Rider in Stormbreaker?

After the death of his uncle, the 14-year-old schoolboy Alex Rider is forced by the Special Operations Division of the UK’s secret intelligence service, MI6, into a mission which will save m…

How old is Alex Rider?

When fourteen years old, Alex was forced into this occupation after MI6 noticed Alex’s many talents. He has not only worked for MI6, but also the CIA, Scorpia (in Scorpia), and the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (in Snakehead).

Alex Rider (character)
Alex Rider
Birthdate 13 February 1987 (novels)

How old do you have to be to read Alex Rider?

Alex Rider Anthony Horowitz’s series about a 14-year-old boy recruited by the British secret service has proved phenomenally popular: there are nine novels, from 2000’s Stormbreaker to Scorpia Rising, released last March, suitable for readers aged around 10 and over; a number of spinoff short-story collections; a film; …

Does Sabina kiss Alex?

Before leaving, Sabina kisses Alex on the cheek, suggesting her feelings for him are still existent.

Does Fiona friend like Alex?

After climbing out, Fiona apologises to Alex for her treatment of him because he saved her, that’s when her shirt falls open and she suddenly gains a romantic interest in Alex.

Who killed Ian Rider?

After being sent on a mission to Cornwall to investigate middle-eastern billionaire Herod Sayle, Ian is shot and killed by Yassen Gregorovich, who was working for Sayle.

How old is Alex Rider in nightshade?

Alex Rider is officially 15-years-old in Nightshade. His age has been mentioned clearly multiple times in the latest book Nightshade, the 12th book of the Alex Rider series.

Is there swearing in Alex Rider books?

The series also includes drug and human trafficking in Snakehead. The book uses minor swear words like damn and hell quite a few times. If your kid is at an appropriate age this book is for them.

How old is Alex Rider in the last book?

Although Alex’s birth year is 1987 (so he would be fourteen in 2001) it has been said that General Alexei Sarov was born in 1940, but in Skeleton Key, he is sixty-two years old, meaning the events in the books must occur in 2002 when Alex would be fifteen years old instead of fourteen.

Does Otto Farrant have social media?

He’s Not On Social Media

However, that appears to be the case with Otto. As far as we can tell, he doesn’t have an account on any social media platforms. With that being said though, there are some fan pages that have been created in his honor.

On the Set of Alex Rider: A Behind the Scenes Documentary

On the Set of Alex Rider: A Behind the Scenes Documentary
On the Set of Alex Rider: A Behind the Scenes Documentary

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On The Set Of Alex Rider: A Behind The Scenes Documentary
On The Set Of Alex Rider: A Behind The Scenes Documentary

What happens to Kyra in Alex Rider?

While Alex flees on a makeshift skateboard, Kyra remains behind to free the captured students of Point Blanc, once Alex brings MI6 in to raid the Academy. She executes her part of the plan and is taken to safety by Eagle.

Where was Alex Rider filmed?

Filming locations in Bristol included (but were by no means limited to) The University of Bristol campus, Castle Park, St Nicholas Market, UWE Bristol Business School, and “A Bond Warehouse in the Cumberland Basin,” where they built the set for their MI6’s mysterious division known as “The Department” (via Visit …

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