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Home » The #1 Career Tip Chelsea Learned In Her Career financial diet

The #1 Career Tip Chelsea Learned In Her Career financial diet

Our biggest event of the year is happening on May 15th! Join us for Career Day at TFD and get the guidance you need when it comes to your career, work/life …

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The #1 Career Tip Chelsea Learned In Her Career

The #1 Career Tip Chelsea Learned In Her Career

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The #1 Career Tip Chelsea Learned In Her Career
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50 thoughts on “The #1 Career Tip Chelsea Learned In Her Career financial diet”

  1. This has proven to be SO true for me. Unfortunately, though, I think it's because I am naturally not very thoughtful. I definitely follow application instructions exactly and I'm a great proofreader…but I can be more ditzy and "big picture" than detail-oriented. What can people like me do to gain this skill? Just telling myself "Ugh stop forgetting shit and follow up!" doesn't work. Any suggestions?

  2. All great points and very true. But just to encourage folks: I’m happy with my career, I’m a lobbyist. No I’m not wealthy, but I’m doing better than most folks with a lowly poli sci degree and according to a Big 5 Assessment I am High Openness and LOW to NO conscientious.

  3. This is the first time I’ve seen ableist advice on this channel. Some of us struggle with what you call ‘conscientiousness’. That struggle is called ADHD. Sending thank you notes after an interview doesn’t mean that person will be a great employee. It means that person sends thank you notes.

  4. As a conscientious person, it’s frustrating when you put a lot of time and effort into your application/interview but some employers can’t even send an automated message saying “no thanks.” They just leave people in limbo – so rude 😤

  5. Tech skills are not soft and malleable. I’m a retired computer programmer analyst. My experience is that 90% of people in tech are not all that great and conscientious because it’s extremely mentally taxing to absorb the quantity of technical information to do ones job. It’s just not human.

  6. I have been described as “scatter brained” since I was a child. I struggle with focus and organization to an absurd degree. Because of this my motto has become “get it done even if it isn’t 100% right”. I don’t think I can ever become conscientious though not for lack of trying.

  7. ngl this is lowkey a bit ableist; in particular some of the examples you gave for the hiring process are things a lot of my neurodivergent friends struggle with, even if its a job they are super passionate about. I think there is a broader definition of conscientiousness than detail-oriented, i wonder what the psychological definition is for example. As far as I understand it conscientiousness comes from a place of appreciating others and wanting to pull your weight, which is not exactly the same thing as not needing your work checked as frequently. Food for thought maybe?

  8. What I loved about this advice is it costs you nothing to be conscientious. No degree, certificate, etc. Just show up and put effort into your job day-to-day.
    I shared this with my colleagues as well 🙂

  9. A lot of this can be trained and taught – if you work at a big company you’ll be exposed to a lot of training that helps you to be conscientious – so as a fresh grad, it’s really helpful to aim to work at a big company to get this valuable training in early on! This is also why employers value people who have worked at large companies because they know they have been trained well

  10. I am surprisingly good at landing a job; I read people well and respond well in interviews. However, I am an abstract thinker and my thought processing is scattered and unorganized. The adaptation to the workplace is hard for scattered brains because small mistakes seem like mountains to an employer. You can have talent but it can’t outweigh the work ethic.

  11. First up, I love you Chelsea and I love the channel! I generally agree with your points, though I do wonder about the deadline point. For one sometimes you only stumble upon job listings on the day they close, meaning that only so much can be done about the timing. And so you can‘t really say based on that alone whether or not someone used their time well or not. Or if they just spent more hours on it. At the time they had available to them based on their schedule.

  12. I would ask, what is a person to do if they know they are not that person.
    What does the forgetful person do as a career?
    I know I am not the best but am generally thoughtful and try to make lists and such. But I know plenty of people who are just terrible at this. They may be able to train to get somewhat better but would probably never got into the setting you describe.

  13. Day one subscriber here, but I feel like this is only applicable in a structured work environment where everyone is held accountable and responsible. I'm trying to be structured in a place where anything goes and can't leave because the money is good. I don't feel as though that position is unique to me either.

  14. Funnily enough, I think the preference for conscientiousness is gendered.

    I am quite conscientious but in software development it is oftentimes seen as a negative trait. As far as most tech company managers are concerned, conscientiousness holds back production. Their priority is shipping the product rather than ensuring that work is consistent and high quality.

    I find that female managers are far more likely to list conscientiousness as a preference when hiring.

  15. See, I don't disagree with you, but I feel like being conscientious has the prerequisites of being relatively mentally healthy / confident in yourself & also being neurotypical. For a lot of autistic / adhd people, it can be extremely hard to always do things on time or in a tidy way or to ask conscientious questions / followups / etc. Even if I get hired in the first place, I probably won't stay there for long, because there are very few jobs that pay more than minimum wage that are structured for neurodivergent brains, and after a certain amount of time I just can't handle being bad at a job anymore when I know I'm not able to do the work expected of me. But what am I supposed to do, just never apply for jobs? Not in this capitalist society.

  16. Spot on like always Chelsea….how many people can't follow the basic instructions on how to apply for the job. Let me check my calendar for the day of the event to see if I can drop in. Looking to make a career change and always like to have some new tips.

  17. This is so tough as a person with ADHD. There are weeks at a time where I’m literally unable to do 80% of my work. At the same time I think I’m just accepting that I’ll never be that standout employee, I just hope that I can find a place where I can be honest about the reasons I sometimes struggle with these essential skills.

  18. Thank you for highlighting this. As a super conscientious person, I have felt more and more in recent years as if it didn't matter and was a wasted trait. Also, as a teacher, I for one would absolutely believe that more than 80% of your applicants are disqualified by simply not following instructions. So sad, but true.

  19. And then there's that one free spirit who is like "I sent them a bouquet of flowers with my LinkedIn profile on the card, and now I'm a millionaire but still vlog as a side gig".

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  22. Hehe a doctor who is fully qualified and conscientious is very important…a negligent, psychopathic or uncompationate doctor is a dangerous doctor ekkk

  23. 'Conscientiousness' is about life itself, not just ur career. You could replace that term with 'mindfulness' or straight-up 'consciousness' which should be the first thing you learn in school. I used to have a burning ambition when it came to everything I did but totally lacked self-awareness at the same time. Without that, you can't function properly long-term in any facet of life.

    Highly recommend 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle to everyone & anyone.

  24. OMG job or any applications will generate more spammers than professionals we hope for. Literally pain in the ass to open such positions and get only lazy people applying.

  25. I don't know about this one. I work in IT, and IT people can be really messy and distracted. HRs don't mind it, because what matters is how brilliant you are and how well can you communicate with others. Believe me, Microsoft and Google HRs don't care how neat your application is.

  26. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  27. That's all well and good but how many conscientious employers are out there? I was job searching and here in the middle east it is common practice to not bother responding to applicants. Worse still, after 3 rounds of interviews when told yes, yes we are gonna hire you, you get ghosted. Do you respond to every single unsuccessful applicant with a formal rejection, Chelsea? Or if they didn't follow instructions they also don't deserve a response?

  28. The tip is conscientiousness. Attention to detail, follow-through, etc. Basically, be neurotypical or you'll annoy your employer and coworkers to death if you ever get hired in the first place. 😕

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