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Financial Education

This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production

Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch! .

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financial education
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41 thoughts on “ttcf financial education”

  1. It's very strange Jeremy believes this product will succeed. I would need a lot more proof before investing long term in this company. They seem to be marketing towards people that are vegans or conscious of eating healthy but that doesn't align with the demographic who typically buy tv dinners. Who out there is buying Tattoo Chef over other frozen food, way too much competition

  2. Companies like NVDA and AMD can’t sell enough graphics cards. Palantir about to change the world across every industry, in both government and private sectors. And all this guy can talk about is his frozen pizza company lmao.

  3. The consumer audience for this food category is tiny, niche at best. Its not a protein substitute, its a fancy tv dinner at best. One of the biggest food movements is fresh not frozen. It will be acquired best case scenario. I represent the largest food companies in the world.

  4. I’d be willing to give you the email address of the trader who trades for me. I started last 6 months with him and I have made over $30,000 through him. I started with a $500.

  5. Everybody has been talking about the market crash, but nobody is really telling us where to put our money right now that we can invest and make money either before the crash, during the crash and after the crash I think that’s the most valuable information right now.

  6. stock investing is 99% temperament and 1% knowledge. That is, even after you have done full research and pinpointed on a name, you still get 1/100. focus on 99! That's where you differentiate between the best and the rest.

  7. I went to a Ralphs in Studio City CA. They only had 3 little boxes left, but at the same time, I walked by the section multiple times. Everything is on the bottom 2 rows in each section they are in.

  8. I went to my target down here in Florida and TTCF was flying off the shelves…. I personally bought an enchilada bowl and it was actually pretty good….. I haven’t bought any TTCF stock yet but am seriously thinking about starting a position

  9. Unrelated, but what are your thoughts on solid state battery tech? Been looking into Ilika and QuantumScape. What do you/other people think about these companies?

  10. Why is it that TTCF section at my Target always looks 75% wiped out? I mean, are they really flying off the shelves or is there some distribution problem? I’m long, either way, though.

  11. What do you mean by food and drink companies are extremely profitable. Their margins are razor thin, typically less than 10%. Given that TTCF will grow brand name products and sell DTC they will be able to boost margins, but overall the company still won’t have margins above 15%.

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